Summer is here!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

In searching some of my favorite photography sites/blogs, I came across the Rock the Shot June Photo Challenge and had, what I felt, was just the right image for it!    This image was recently taken out at our friends Lake House.   Just a fun (and hot) afternoon lakeside, swinging and letting the hair flow.    Ahhhh, to be young again.    Meet Shay...

Canon 5D Mark II, 85mm 1.2,  ISO 100,   f/2,   1/2000

Happy Summer!

Rock the Shot

Julie's New Do

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It is always shocking when you hear that a childhood friend has Cancer.  I mean, what?!   We are too young to have Cancer, right?   I mean, we have little kids that depend on us, we have a whole life in front of us!    Well, WRONG... Cancer does not discriminate, Cancer can happen to any of us... Cancer can look like this.......

But Cancer just met Julie, and it is going to have a rude awakening because she is kicking Cancer's bootie!!!    A few weeks ago Julie called me and wanted me to take pictures of her girls shaving her head.  To be honest, my heart jumped into my throat and I stammered a bit and I said... OF COURSE... and then...I got scared.  I mean why in the world should I be scared?  All I have to do is click some pictures, be there to support her, and give her the gift of memories.   All she has to do is FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.  Seems easy enough, right?   So, I went, I joined in on an amazing evening of family, friends, champagne, love, laughs, and tears.   It touched me more than I can is the story of Julie's hair... long and beautiful as it was, it is now short and spunky and GOSH, if anyone can pull of a good looking bald head it is Julie!!

Hair we go......

some girl is going to be so lucky to have that pretty mane!   Donated to Locks of Love

see, I told you she had a pretty bald head!

Presley turning her Mom into a Super Hero...cuz, she is!

The girls that surround her, from childhood...her lifeline, for sure.

and this is the Kauffman's...while they kick Cancer's bootie.  

 If you want to keep up with Julie's healing journey,  please visit her inspiring website Julie is My Mom.    You can even donate there and find out about the latest fundraisers.

For now... keep praying for this beautiful family!!

I love you Julie, I love your family, I love your strength and you GO GIRL!!! 

xoxo ~m*

Learning and LOVE in Ramona

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Last month I participated in a mentoring workshop with a super talented, nice, genuine, creative, and fun photographer Brooke of Brooke Aliceon Photography.    This was my first official hands on "student" experience as a photographer!    Naturally, I was nervous.   I had no idea really what to expect... except that I would be in an amazing location of Hidden Oaks, Ramona with a bunch of talented photographers with the ability to shoot gorgeous models styled by Linen, Lace, and Love,   florals by Bloem Hill and to taste yummy treats by Kuba Kreations.  

It was a super cold cold cold wintery day in Ramona!   We sat outside on hay bales under beautiful oak trees, huddled under heat lamps, sipping warm drinks learning everything from how to make your clients comfortable to how organize your business.   After shivering most of the morning, Brooke and her team fed us yummy chili and we were off to SHOOT!   And WOW....  our models were stunning, but more than that, this location was a photographers dream.    If you know of anyone getting married or are getting married yourself, you HAVE to check this place out.   The owners are amazing, warm, and welcoming and really have settled on a gem.    I wish I could have gotten married here!

I can't thank Brooke, Sean, and Elise enough for putting this amazing learning experience together.  I met so many local talented photographers that I now get to call my friends.   In this business, it is so nice to meet people that are willing to share their love for photography with others.

Thank you to Lexi & Ted...absolutely the cutest couple (yes, they are actually getting married! can't fake this LOVE)... and the beautiful Regina for freezing their you-know-whats off in order for us to capture these beautiful images.   Oh and Ted is an amazing photographer himself... check out his inspiring work at Ted Craig Photo

Here are my favorites from the day...

 Brooke, giving us pointers....


I really can't explain how blessed I feel to have had this opportunity!!     I wish I could do a workshop like this EVERY weekend!  

You can see Brooke's work featured on Green Wedding Shoes blog HERE

And a little video montage of our day HERE

xoxo ~m*